Use Feed. Receive Candidates. Use feed. Receive candidate.

Search Stream provides an RSS feed of your jobs, quickly and easily. This can be used to drive traffic to your jobs on oil and gas job search. Whether you have a corporate or private blog that you want to post the jobs to use them to power LinkedIn discussions, your oil and gas job search RSS feed will do the job perfectly.

Integrate search. Increase time on site. Our jobs on your site.

If you are unhappy with the way your onsite search solution works, Search stream allows you to use oil and gas job search’s search technology on any site you choose.

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This easy to implement solution will allow your jobs to be searched and filtered by candidates using our powerful solution.

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Using Search stream also means that the candidate filtering that is available via oil and gas job search still applies.

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The API feed supplied by Oil & Gas Job Search integrates seamlessly with our website and has been a great success for Oil & Gas IQ.

Sumit Dutta
Digitial Marketing Manager
Oil & Gas IQ
Sumit Dutta
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