Luceo Applicant Tracking System Luceo Applicant Tracking System

Do your staff waste time with these common recruitment problems :

  • Manually posting jobs
  • Waiting for candidates to apply
  • Reading CVs from unsuitable candidates
  • Copying candidate details into a spreadsheet
  • Trying to find candidates from your past jobs

Luceo Luceo will help Luceo will help

Luceo is a comprehensive, affordable, cloud based solution handling the entire recruitment process. Developed by recruitment specialists, Luceo provides the following time saving features :

Job Advertising

  • A fully featured careers section on your website (example)
  • Advertise your jobs to relevant job boards
  • Streamlined application process for candidates
  • Pre-screen applicants with a custom questionnaire when they apply

Applicant Tracking

  • Custom HR workflow automation between departments
  • Create, manage and search your own pool of candidates past and present
  • Built-in communication between hiring managers, recruiters and candidates
  • Custom reports so your team can measure results

Luceo is being used today by many companies including :

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Luceo Success Stories Luceo Success Stories

Rockwater Energy Solutions Rockwater Energy Solutions is a fluids and environmental solutions provider throughout the U.S. and Western Canada.

Benefits of using Luceo Benefits of using Luceo

  • Increased brand exposure.
  • Centralized talent pool to source candidates.
  • Better communication throughout the hiring process.
  • Standardized workflow process with candidates.

"Working with Luceo has allowed us to increase our brand presence and step up our recruiting efforts. As a new company entering a competitive market, Luceo has helped put us on the map."

Sarah Truchard
Manager, Training & Devlopment
Rockwater Energy Solutions


Health Diagnostic Laboratory Inc Health Diagnostic Laboratory Inc. offers the most comprehensive laboratory test menu of risk factors and biomarkers for cardiovascular and related diseases.

Benefits of using Luceo Benefits of using Luceo

  • High recruiters’ adoption rate.
  • Switched from using multiple systems to just using Luceo.
  • Recruiters’ requests for support are answered immediately by Luceo staff.
  • Accurately track each candidate’s progress throughout the hiring process.
  • Pull important metrics about positions and candidates on demand.

"Luceo is very user-friendly and we've received great feedback from our candidates since launching the program in December."

Emily Thumma
Manager of Talent Acquisition
Health Diagnostic Laboratory


Our products Our products.

By setting its sights on usability first and foremost, Luceo has really set itself apart. But it's not just ease of use that makes Luceo so appealing to recruiters it's also their dedication to engagement; engagement of candidates, engagement of hiring managers, engagement of all key players in talent acquisition.

All told, Luceo's solution supports a more efficient and more effective hiring process.
Kyle Lagunas
Talent Acquisition Analyst
Brandon Hall Group
Kyle Lagunas